Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on taking America back, Global Propane, farm subsidies, politicians, adoption, Good Samaritans

Take back America in the true sense

The tea party and allied forces won the midterm election in a big way mainly by taking anti-bailout, anti-Medicare reform and anti-big government stands. I don't know much about the health care issue and will refrain from discussing that.

But the corporations that were bailed out have returned or are returning most of the money they received. And imagine how many jobs would have been lost if General Motors had gone down the drain.

Some people do not want big government, but they want the best of everything — water, air, roads, consumer protection and safety. Without "big government," our living conditions eventually will be close to those of the so-called Third World.

People want to "take back America"? Then why don't they stop exporting jobs? Why don't we all pay a little more and buy things made in the United States?

Some politicians from both parties are only interested in the next election. We, without thinking and analyzing, fall for their deceptive arguments. Wake up, people. Think and take back America in the true sense.



Business there first

Some homeowners near Global Propane want the business to move because it is an unacceptable risk ("Blast pits residents against business," Aug. 21 Local & State). Were they blindfolded when they bought their homes or property? The business was there before the housing development. Do we also need to make the Flint Hills housing development a no-fly zone, just in case a plane crashes into the neighborhood?

Now the moneybags such as Bill Warren want to attack a business owner when he's down? The article's comments online show that most people side with Global Propane. I agree with the online comments.



Who got subsidy?

During the record-breaking heat of this summer, I don't think I saw a single tractor or combine working in the fields that was not air-conditioned.

I recently had my hail-damaged roof replaced by four men working four days in temperatures never below 105 degrees and up to 111 degrees.

Who received a government subsidy for their labors?



Don't represent

I cannot be the only voter upset with the behavior of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. Though our Kansas representatives seem pretty reasonable and try to explain their positions, the other "representatives" do not seem to represent the will of the American people at all.

Just look at the budget crisis, which was narrowly averted at the last minute, and the Standard & Poor's downgrading of the nation's debt rating. The No Child Left Behind mandate is failing miserably, with teachers desperately "teaching to the test" and ignoring other topics.

We are waging a war that we cannot continue to afford. Besides, we are not fighting a rogue government but a multinational belief system.

Politicians love short sound bites. I have a few for them: balanced-budget amendment, term limits, line-item veto.

Remember, the best way to predict future behavior is to look at past performance. If you do not like the way our politicians are acting, do not vote for them in the next election. The cure for a sick government is in the hands of the voting public.



Hard to adopt

Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services Secretary Rob Siedlecki announced an initiative aimed at increasing adoptions of children in state custody (Aug. 17 Eagle). He said he'll promote adoption with Gov. Sam Brownback and the governor's wife, Mary.

How much more impressive the governor's part in this would be if he and his wife had adopted from the state the sort of children Siedlecki said people don't want —"the kid who is 13 years old, sexually abused, physically abused and malnourished" — rather than adopting 2-year-olds from foreign countries.



Honest people

A special "thank you" to several people for the return of my billfold, which was dropped from my walker at the entrance of the Center for Same Day Surgery on North Emporia. A kind and honest person picked up the billfold and took it to the doctor's office, which called me. Nothing was missing.

Yes, there are a lot of people out there who have compassion and integrity.



Helpful heroes

I had a low tire when I left my chiropractor's office recently. At a QuikTrip at 21st and Ridge, a Good Samaritan put air in it for me. I made it to the QuikTrip at Pawnee and Meridian. It started raining, and another Good Samaritan helped me and referred me to the nearby Walmart, which took care of me. I'm not sure that I stopped to thank my heroes. Thank you all.