Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on mentoring, Medicaid, abortion, motorized shopping carts, movies, Kwan Court

Wichita kids need adult role models

During my years of working with young people, including as head coach of the Kansas State University football team, I have observed the benefits that result from the support, guidance and learning provided by mentors. Studies show that young people who have mentors do better in school, are less likely to use drugs or alcohol, and have the confidence and positive attitude they need to be successful in life.

I believe that all Kansas children deserve a caring adult role model in their lives. That is why I believe in and help lead Kansas Mentors.

Currently in Kansas, there are about 50,000 young people waiting to be matched with a caring adult role model. Hundreds of those youths, especially males, are located in Wichita. That is why we have launched the fourth-annual Coaches' Challenge, in which Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa compete to see which state can recruit the most new mentors.

This is a great opportunity to not only change the lives of many of our youths but also influence the future of Wichita.

It is my belief that the state of Kansas is home to people who genuinely care about our youths and the value-based direction they take in life. Please get involved by visiting KansasMentors.org to find an agency near you.



Kansas Mentors


Don't cut care

I am a Christian conservative mother of a 32-year-old who is autistic and mentally disabled and has uncontrollable fits of rage. He can do immense damage in minutes.

I cannot have his Medicaid funding removed or reduced.

He did not ask to be born this way. His funding comes from the Medicaid waiver for the disabled. Reducing Medicaid funding would be catastrophic for him and our family. If he returns home, he will proceed to beat up on his father and me. It just happens. He has no reasoning. It is an awful situation. And we're not alone.

Gov. Sam Brownback is dogmatically against all abortion, yet is pushing to cut Medicaid spending. Kids like my son require care 24/7. There are parents in their 70s and 80s barely able to care for themselves who have mentally disabled children living with them.

It's wrong to make mentally ill and developmentally disabled children suffer because of the bankrupting actions of representatives and presidents with "normal" brains. Please do not reduce Medicaid funding for disabled or autistic adults.



Stop judging

In response to "Living like dogs" (Aug. 22 Letters to the Editor): I would suggest that the male letter writer has little real knowledge of abortion as birth control. If he had any insight into abortion, he would know that it is not a pleasant procedure or done while heading to the market.

I worked many years in women's clinics and am well aware that the patients are not there by choice, but by necessity. And it is their right to procure this procedure under law. Often they do it out of compassion for their own families, their own children or the love of the fetus and its severe disability.

This medical procedure has nothing to do with the elderly and infirm, as the letter suggested. This is only a talking point brought about by anti-choice people who have little real compassion for women. They are only interested in control and their own religion. Please stop judging and fearmongering.



Humiliating looks

This past year I have found myself needing to use the motorized shopping carts offered at some stores, because my lungs are scarred from developing blood clots after having my daughter and not getting the right medical care after she was born. If it weren't for my problem breathing, I would not use the carts.

Using these carts is humiliating not only because of having to use them but because of how many people look at you while you use them. They get hostile. Some kind people are considerate and will even offer to help you reach something, but others are nasty and impatient.



Movie despair

As summer draws to a close, I'm beginning to despair of the constant barrage of action-packed superhero sci-fi fantasy special-effects movies being churned out by Hollywood. During the 1960s, an art film such as Michelango Antonioni's "Blow-Up" could be a commercial success. Today, it's all stuff like "Thor" and "Spider-Man Part 65."

Mass entertainment doesn't have to be Shakespearean to be worthwhile. I'd welcome more love stories and romantic comedies. I like to see two adults dealing with human emotions and feelings — and I don't mean couples like Bruce Wayne and his latest flame.



Kwan Court closing

Another Wichita institution is closing: Kwan Court (Aug. 10 Business Today).

Over the past 15 years, I have enjoyed conversing with people from America, India, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mexico and Korea — yes, the waitstaff and chefs. Most of these were college students. All were extremely intelligent and caring people, just like the current and past owners of the business.

Now Wichita's unemployment rolls will grow as these employees search for work that will fit their school and family schedules, joining many others who have yet to find such positions.

And for sure, I will dearly miss the piano.