Letters to the editor (Nov. 9, 2018)

Thank you, Laura Kelly

Congratulations are in order to Laura Kelly for her win in the Kansas Gubernatorial race. I would also like to thank her for the list of Republicans that supported her.

As I see it, a list of list of those names will be handy when it comes to evaluating future primary candidates. In order to eliminate the RINOs, anti-Tumpers and the deep state people from the Republican Party, I encourage everyone to compile their own list of those scurrilous people that profess party loyalty, but by their actions show distain for the choice of the party by supporting and voting for opposition candidates.

Jerry W. Davidson, Valley Center

Words are important

Once again, a common falsehood is perpetuated. (Stephen W. Lincoln 11/7/18 letter)

The U.S. Supreme Court never ruled "You can't yell FIRE in a crowded theater."

The example used was "You can't FALSELY yell FIRE in a crowded theater" and claim that the 1st Amendment prevents you from being held responsible for damage caused by your false comments.

Freedom of Speech does not protect you from responsibility when you knowingly utter false comments.

It is perfectly legal to yell FIRE in a crowded theater when the theater is in fact "On Fire".

In fact, it is preferable.

Words are important and have meaning. Leaving out important words alters the meaning of those words.

Freedom of Speech means that you aren't prosecuted or persecuted for making true statements of fact or belief, but that you can be held responsible for knowingly uttering falsehoods that cause harm to others.

Somehow, that "Common Sense" is no longer "Common" in America despite being documented in our First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Kevin Henderson, Halstead

Reality check on the midterms

For those who have forgotten, Obama's first midterm election had a loss of 63 House Democrat seats, and six Democrat Senators.

Trump's first midterm had a loss of 27 House Republican seats and looks like a gain of six Senate Republican seats.

Just a reality check.

Ray Thomas, Wichita

Be a part of the safety solution

Should students waiting for the school bus and emergency responders helping those in need fear greater danger on our roads with each passing day? Has distracted, impaired and unsafe driving risen to the level that it could finally be called the epidemic that it is? If not, what will it take?

The world we live in is challenging enough, with many things simply out of our control. However, driving is one place where we can and should be absolutely in control and part of the safety solution. Each of us has the responsibility to ourselves, our families and friends and every single person around us to be a safe and courteous driver toward all with whom we share the road.

Tragically, recent news reports tell the story of school children and emergency responders killed in horrific and preventable crashes.

Year after year, surveys by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety find that an attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” persists among motorists, many of whom admit to engaging in the same dangerous behaviors that they criticize as being unacceptable. All of the statistics, all of the calls for change from transportation safety advocates and victim impact groups will not save a single life or prevent a single crash if nobody takes action to change their behaviors.

We can and must improve the safety of our roads, but it will take every individual driver making the conscious decision to be unwaveringly laser focused on safe driving to change the future. It will also take every passenger in a vehicle holding their driver accountable for safe driving practices. Together, one by one, we CAN make our roads safer and restore the freedom and expectation that we and our loved ones should be secure in our daily travels.

Please put down your phone, avoid other distractions and make the decision to put safety first every time you slide behind the wheel.

Shawn Steward, Wichita