Letters to the Editor (April 13)

A fair internet

Tech giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are weeding out conservative voices on the internet by engaging in a technique called shadow banning. While liberal outlets like Media Matters and MoveOn.org have been given free reign to shred the truth.

Conservative publications like The Daily Caller and Breitbart have seen up to a 30-percent drop because Google has altered the algorithms by which they appear in their search engines.

Notoriously liberal organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center are being used as fact filters to weed out so-called hate speech and fake news. In effect, the chickens have been placed in charge of the hen house.

This fits a familiar pattern that when the left can't compete in the free marketplace of ideas, they attempt to suppress the truth by altering the rules of engagement for groups that they don't agree with.

Gregory Bontrager,


Svaty not right for Democrats

It has recently come to my attention that some of my Democratic friends in Kansas are aligning themselves with our party’s title, rather than our party’s interests.

As the race for governor is beginning to pick up, I continue to hear about a potential Democratic candidate that is simply not the choice for those worried about human rights. Josh Svaty has voted for anti-women’s health legislation and has expressed his disinterest in protecting women’s rights time and again.

I noticed recently Svaty’s campaign website was updated with a defense of what he calls his “pro-life” voting record, and vague promises about finding middle ground. We don’t need middle ground, we need to have access to reproductive health care for all women in Kansas.

Despite his Democrat status, his track record aligns him with the same right-wing propaganda we should be rallying against. It is my hope that the Democrats of Kansas concern themselves less with turning the state blue, and more about choosing a candidate that can accurately represent all people.

Kathe Thompson, Wichita

Enhancing Kansas exports

There is no doubt that one of the biggest concerns for the average American, and subsequently the average Wichitan, is the decrease in U.S. jobs. That leads us to wonder how we can help to create change.

Increasing our funding toward global poverty and foreign aid at the international level helps U.S. jobs at the national level. For Kansas, this means our wheat, corn and other produces have the potential to be sent to other countries as well as here, creating Kansas jobs.

The non-profit Borgen Project has a mission of alleviating poverty at the global level through creative advocacy at the political level. In only takes a simple email through borgenproject.org to local representatives to make your voice heard.

Sarah Chocron, Wichita

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