Kansas views on government shutdown

Shutdown – Congress succeeded in shutting down the United States government’s nonessential workforce (about half of all government employees and functions), putting our country at economic risk of severe damage. Why? Because there is a federal law, enacted by a previous Congress and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, that it doesn’t like. Never mind that nearly 72 percent of the nation’s electorate told Congress that the disagreement with the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – is not worth shutting down the government. Never mind that, politically, there is no chance Obamacare will be repealed anytime soon. Never mind that it actually does make health care affordable for nearly everyone in the country who currently does not have health insurance. Apparently, their oath of office means nothing to each and every Kansas member of the U.S. House, the wishes of the electorate mean nothing, the economic health of the nation means nothing, and the ability of people to buy health care for themselves and their families means nothing.

Salina Journal

One of the first to sign up for the Senate Tea Party Caucus, Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., is still blaming Democrats and President Obama for the shutdown. “I am anxious for this impasse to come to an end, and I will continue to do everything I can to make certain Kansans’ voices are heard in Washington,” Moran said. Our Kansas voice demands an end to the ridiculous impasse. The tea party-imposed shutdown is an empty bluff.

Hays Daily News

The Affordable Care Act is a law passed by Congress a few years ago. It is not a bill, as some opponents are slipping into public statements. It is a law that needs some improvement over the next few years, but it has many good attributes in providing health coverage. Commonsense Republicans and Democrats in both chambers have better things to do – such as passing a budget so the U.S. doesn’t default and destabilize our economy.

Marysville Advocate

The angry, anti-federal, anti-Obamacare advocates shut down the government by inserting their own philosophical monkey wrench into the process of fiscal decision-making. They do not represent us. They only represent their funders and the angry, ill-informed adherents whom they inflame.

Winfield Daily Courier

It isn’t Obamacare that is the root of the evil in this country. The economy isn’t suffering because of Obamacare. The markets haven’t been dropping recently because of Obamacare. The real problem in this country is Congress.

Hutchinson News

The government of the people of the United States is partially shut down because a faction of the Republican Party insists on tying further spending to the crippling of President Obama’s health care law. This is a new low in our nation’s politics. Americans have every reason to be ashamed of their Congress right now.

Kansas City Star

The dysfunction in Congress now is getting us nowhere and certainly is not in the best interests of those our U.S. senators and representatives were sent to Washington, D.C., to serve.

Topeka Capital-Journal