Kansas views on state finances, amendment, judicial retention

State finances – The growing volume and intensity of talk about the state’s finances among Kansas legislators seeking re-election and candidates for their seats is welcome. Given that even some conservative lawmakers have seen the light, it could be the tide is turning toward a more reasonable tax policy – one that could stabilize the state’s finances for the first time in several years.

Manhattan Mercury

Amendment – The Kansas Constitution should only be amended when absolutely necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of its residents. Kansas Amendment 1 on the November election ballot – which would insert into the constitution the right of the public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife – doesn’t rise to that occasion and should be defeated.

Lawrence Journal-World

Judicial rentention – The effort to change the Kansas Supreme Court has nothing to do with justice. Bluntly put, it’s an effort by Gov. Sam Brownback and his supporters to consolidate the three branches of state government into a monarchy in which the governor reigns supreme and in which he and his policies are never questioned or challenged. Voters should see this effort for what it is and vote to retain all the justices on the Kansas Supreme Court.

Hutchinson News

Savings program – Kudos to Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes and state lawmakers for their part in legislation designed to help families with children who have disabilities. The new program allows families to create a tax-free savings account for current and future disability-related expenses of persons with disabilities. Consider the ABLE Act a responsible, caring move in a state that must do more to help Kansans in need.

Garden City Telegram