Glick lifted Wichita

After eight years of leading an inspiring Wichita nonprofit organization that lifts up the least fortunate, Wendy Glick will go out on a high next month, leaving not only the Lord’s Diner in a good place but Wichita a better place.

The facility, founded in 2002 at Central and Broadway by the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, just added a satellite location in Planeview. The two locations are feeding 600 to 800 people a night — accepting all comers as always, no questions asked, and offering diners dignity and respect along with the meal.

If the organization and its astonishing crew of donors and nearly 7,000 volunteers are well-prepared to carry on with the mission of the Lord’s Diner, that is in no small part because of Glick.

As executive director of the Lord’s Diner, she has stood out for her grace and focus even when the heat was on. That included in 2004 when radio host Rush Limbaugh mocked the Lord’s Diner (and Glick by name) for serving customers who don’t really need a free meal (Glick responded, “The Lord’s Diner is here to serve, not to judge”), and in 2009 when the Lord’s Diner bowed to neighborhood criticism and canceled plans for a satellite in near-northeast Wichita.

Now, Wichita owes Glick its best wishes and gratitude, as well as its commitment to keep doing God’s work through the Lord’s Diner. To help, call 316-266-4966 or visit catholicdioceseofwichita.org.