Volunteers showed love

It’s one thing to say that you love Wichita. But 4,000 volunteers from 40 churches demonstrated it Saturday by cleaning, rebuilding and beautifying houses, schools and parks.

Good for them. And good for everyone they helped.

As part of “Love Wichita,” an outreach effort organized by Eastminster Presbyterian Church, volunteers removed debris, cleaned yards and did repairs on 200 houses. The city of Wichita identified people who were low-income or disabled and needed help fixing up their homes.

The work was a blessing not just for the homeowners but also for the volunteers.

“To see firsthand what some in our community are living with, it’s good for people,” said Janet Johnson, the city of Wichita’s neighborhood assistant for District 3 in southeast Wichita.

This was the third year for Love Wichita. Here’s hoping that the event attracts more churches and volunteers next year so that even more people can share and experience the love.