Opinion Line (July 4)

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Someone thinks “our immigration policy should be like a potluck dinner.” Interesting. At the many potlucks I’ve attended, the attitude most often is that you are welcome at the table. If you can bring something, it’s just that much nicer.

Does anyone else remember when “gay” meant “happy” and rainbows were just a beautiful sight in the sky?

I am old. My hope is to die only when there is an occupant of the White House whose goal is not to “fundamentally transform America” but to return the president’s job to being a servant instead of a boss.

I’ve always had the feeling that the president’s overseas trips are part of his campaign for his next office, secretary-general of the United Nations, in 2017. Or maybe the Obamas are looking for a country that will not extradite them back to the U.S. in 2017.

So it’s wrong for protesters to go to Kris Kobach’s house to let their voices be heard because it put his family at risk, but abortion protesters can go to a doctor’s house, place of worship or any other place to put his family and friends at risk?

Of course Sam Brownback and his legislative minions don’t want anyone else to know who applies for the Kansas Court of Appeals. Competence and expertise have not been required of appointees to state office with this governor, so why expect a difference in his selection of lawyers to dispense justice?

Apparently Westar Energy is in a race with government to see which one winds up with every penny of people’s money.

I will gladly endorse Westar’s request for a 9 percent increase as soon as I get a 9 percent increase in my monthly Social Security payment.

The city is considering tax increases to bolster its budget. Yet money can always be found to start a new spending program, this time $1 million for water-conservation rebates. Wichita can’t afford another giveaway.

Thumbs-up to Haysville for seeing the needs of the city and offering debris pickup after the recent storm. Thumbs-down to its suburb to the north, which saw the same needs but looked the other way.

It’s so sad that Wichita is too cheap to put on a fireworks show.

A week’s worth of noise from fireworks can’t possibly be worse than two months of nonstop Christmas music in November and December.

Independence Day now seems more a commemoration than a celebration.