S.C. police say Wal-Mart employee's finger bitten off in shoplifting incident

By Jennifer Donovan

Carolynn Wright
Carolynn Wright Courtesy of Myrtle Beach police

Myrtle Beach police arrested a woman for biting off part of a Wal-Mart employee’s finger, they said, during an altercation early Sunday morning.

About 2:10 a.m., loss prevention officers at the Wal-Mart at 541 Seaboard St. witnessed Carolynn Wright, 23, allegedly concealing merchandise.

Two employees tried to stop Wright as she was leaving the store. However, a physical altercation ensued.

According to the police report, Wright punched one of the employees in the head causing bleeding. Wright then bit down on another employee’s finger, biting a portion of it off.

A customer witnessed the incident and attempted to call 911. While calling, the customer dropped her phone, Wright grabbed it and while the witness tried to get it back, Wright allegedly grabbed the customer by the hair. The customer then punched Wright to free herself.

Wright then fled the store and got into a van. According the report, the owner of the van told police that he did not know about the altercation. He told police that when Wright got into the car, she told him to “run.” He asked her “what” and she said “drive.” He then saw someone standing in front of his van, blocking him. Wright again told him, “drive.”

Police then arrived on scene and were able to apprehend Wright.

According to the police report, Wright’s items that she was allegedly shoplifting totaled $40.07 and included condoms, lubricant, panties, a camisole, bra and other clothing.

Wright faces assault and battery charges.