Finger on the Weather

Six 100s for Wichita – and counting

Remember last year, when it was so rainy and cool in the Wichita area folks wondered what happened to summer?

Nobody’s asking that question this time around.

Thursday’s temperature climbed to 103 in Wichita, matching the city’s high for the season first set back in June. It was the sixth triple-digit day of the season for Wichita and second in a row.

More 100s are coming today and Saturday, forecasters say, and Sunday may just join the party before a frontal system finally brings cooler temperatures and chances for rain.

Over the past 30 years, Wichita has averaged 14 100-degree days a year, National Weather Service meteorologist Vanessa Pearce said.

Wichita’s 100s

June 15 - 103

June 22 - 100

July 7 - 101

July 13 - 101

July 20 - 101

July 21 - 103

Source: National Weather Service