Finger on the Weather

Storm chaser puts time-lapse videos to music, and the result is mesmerizing

Screenshot from time-lapse video by Mike Olbinski
Screenshot from time-lapse video by Mike Olbinski Courtesy of Mike Olbinski

I stumbled across this compelling video on social media Monday — a time-elapse video of one storm chaser’s season, set to music.

While tornadoes are always the grand prize for almost any storm chaser, they are virtually a footnote in Mike Olbinski’s video. I was mesmerized by the storm structures that mushroom time and again throughout the piece.

Olbinski, who lives in Phoenix, crafted a blog post explaining how this video came together. Olbinski has done this kind of compilation before.

This time-lapse video, called “The Chase,” was a compilation of images Olbinski shot in 2015. It earned a “Staff Pick” prize from Vimeo and is capped by the only tornado he captured on his chases last year — on May 24 in Kansas.

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