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Wichita weather for Monday: Snow to stay northwest of Wichita

Courtesy of National Weather Service

A powerful winter storm expected to bring heavy snow to parts of Kansas will offer only a few flurries to Wichita by Tuesday, forecasters say.

While northwest Kansas could see more than 12 inches of snow and winds topping 40 miles an hour later today, Wichita will see dry conditions and highs in the 50s Monday.

But Wichita is nevertheless being affect by the snow storm: while the first of Wichita’s four daily flights to Denver took off on schedule, the next two were canceled because of the storm, said Valerie Wise, air service and business development manager at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport.

Wichita won’t see more than a few flurries from this winter storm, National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Caruso said.

“Rain is the thing we’re going to get out of this – maybe even some rumbles of thunder this evening,” Caruso said.

If thunderstorms develop, Caruso said, Wichita could see more than an inch of rain overnight. Tuesday will be a day to stay indoors in the Wichita area, he said, with highs in the upper 30s early in the day.

“The flavor of the day will be a biting cold and very strong north winds,” Caruso said of Tuesday.

North winds will gust to more than 40 miles an hour on Tuesday. Winds should ease on Wednesday, with daytime temperatures reaching the upper 30s.

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