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Wichita weather: Cold front arrives, bringing harsh north winds, sliding temperatures

Morning commuters will notice the harsh north winds Tuesday in the Wichita metropolitan area.

Evening commuters may notice the harsh plunge in temperatures coming later today, forecasters say.

A cold front has pushed through the Wichita area, National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Smith said, and that’s going to put an anchor on the day’s temperatures. Daytime highs will only climb a degree or two from the upper 20s shortly before dawn.

North winds were steady at about 20 miles an hour as the morning commute began to stir, and gusts could approach the mid-20s.

Lows tonight are expected to drop near single digits, forecasters say, and Wednesday’s highs may not reach the mid-teens. Overnight lows early Thursday are expected to drop near zero around Wichita.

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