Finger on the Weather

Wichita weather: A warm, windy day before the deep freeze arrives

Blame it all on a typhoon.

Super-Typhoon Nuri is generating a ridge of high pressure ahead of it as it pushes through Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, weather officials say, and that high pressure is shoving frigid air from the Arctic down into the nation’s heartland.

After reaching 70 degrees or so on a sunny and breezy Monday in the Wichita area, highs on Tuesday won’t climb out of the 30s. In fact, National Weather Service meteorologist Jerilyn Billings Wright said, some parts of Kansas are likely to flirt with record-low highs on Wednesday.

Wichita won’t be among them, even though highs Wednesday and Thursday will be only in the low 30s – at or near freezing. Wichita’s record-low high for Nov. 12 is 20 degrees, set in 1940.

The frigid air for this time of year will stick around for a while, too, Billings Wright said. That ridge of high pressure will keep the bone-chilling temperatures in place for several days.

Current forecasts call for highs to remain only in the 30s for the Wichita area until Sunday. By then, Wichita may well have recorded its first snowfall of winter, with light snow possible Friday night into Saturday.

Lows throughout the period will be in the low to mid-20s for the Wichita area, forecasters say.

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