Finger on the Weather

Tornado in Canada on the ground for hours

Reports are circulating on social media that a tornado which touched down in Manitoba just north of the border with North Dakota Monday night stayed on the ground for three hours.

Veteran storm chaser Reed Timmer and his crew tracked the tornado, which formed near the village of Tilston. Their video of the tornado is dramatic, but if you watch it, be warned: there are instances of profanity as crew members react to the storm.

I’m hard-pressed to remember a Kansas tornado that was on the ground that long. Mary Knapp, the state climatologist, said tornado records do not document how long a tornado is on the ground.

That means it figures to be difficult, if not impossible, to find a Sunflower State tornado that was as long-lived as the monster in Manitoba.

Monday night’s tornado touched down in a sparsely populated area. No damage reports or Enhanced Fujita Scale rating have been released.

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