Finger on the Weather

Tuesday’s winds across Kansas rivaled hurricanes and tornadoes

A tornado? A hurricane?

Nah, just some gusty winds across Kansas on Tuesday.

They were strong gusts, though, routinely topping 60 miles an hour around the Sunflower State. A gust of 73 miles an hour north of Scott City was one mile short of matching hurricane winds, according to the National Weather Service.

Garden City reported winds of 69 miles an hour at the airport, while Dodge City logged winds of 67 miles an hour. Tornadoes measuring EF0 have winds of between 65 and 85 miles an hour.

The powerful winds over the past two days fed nearly 50 wildfires that burned more than 25,000 acres across Kansas, state officials said.

The smoke and dust associated with the fires and high winds made travel hazardous at times. Interstate 70 and a number of state highways were closed Tuesday morning and afternoon due to the limited visibility, though all highways had reopened by evening.

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