Finger on the Weather

Wichita weather: Bitter cold, harsh winds, blowing snow

Winter will pull several tricks out of its bag on Saturday in the Wichita area, with all of them combining to make the day miserable.

A wintry mix will start the day before the precipitation changes over to snow, forecasters say. Strong north winds will be a constant, with steady breezes in the mid-20s and gusts pushing into the mid-30s.

Snow should intensify after noon, with blowing snow reducing visibility. The snow will continue through most of the afternoon.

Snowfall forecasts vary from agency to agency, with the National Weather Service predicting 1 to 3 inches and AccuWeather calling for 1 to 2 inches.

Local broadcast meteorologists have predicted 2 to 4 inches for Wichita, with higher amounts north and east of the metro area.

Winter weather advisories will be in effect for most of the state on Saturday.

Temperatures will fall throughout the day in Wichita, reaching the single digits by late afternoon. Wind chills will be at or below 0 during the day and drop close to minus 20 by dawn on Sunday, forecasters say.

Highs on Sunday will only be in the teens on a mostly sunny day. Wind chills will remain in the negative teens much of the day, forecasters say.

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