Finger on the Weather

Wichita weather: Winds ease for a day

After a blustery few days sent temperatures soaring to record levels and then gave an arriving cold front an extra layer of shudder, winds will finally ease in the Wichita area on Saturday.

Winds will still be out of the north, forecasters say, but they’ll be down in the single digits. Highs are expected to touch 50 on a sunny day.

Overnight lows will slide into the upper 20s, providing another hard freeze to the region. Sunday will see winds shift to the south and regain strength, forecasters say. Gusts will approach 25 miles an hour as highs approach 60 on another sunny day.

Highs in the 60s are likely early in the work week, forecasters say, with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms in the metro area on Tuesday.

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