Finger on the Weather

Wednesday rain brings Wichita close to 1951 rainfall total

Courtesy photo

Nearly an inch of rain fell in the early morning thunderstorm over Wichita on Wednesday, hoisting 2016 ever closer to the second-wettest year in the city’s history.

The 0.92 of an inch officially recorded by the National Weather Service raised this year’s rainfall total to 49.68 inches. That’s just 0.8 of an inch below 1951’s 50.48 inches.

In other words, one good rain.

The all-time mark is still off in the distance, however: 53.82 inches fell in 2008.

Given how much rain has fallen this year, it may sound odd to say October has been drier than normal. But it’s true. Wednesday’s rain raised this month’s total to 2.04 inches, which is still 0.31 of an inch below average.

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