Rainy weekend looms for Wichita and much of Kansas

Courtesy of NOAA

Are you in the mood for tackling an indoor chore, binge-watching a show on Netflix or diving into a good book?

This weekend looks to be a good time to do it. Five inches of rain or more is predicted for portions of the High Plains, including the western part of Kansas, weather officials say.

Wichita could see a couple of inches of badly needed rain.

“It looks like it’s going to be pretty dreary weekend across Kansas,” said Jaclyn Ritzman, a meteorologist with the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service. “We need the rain.”

Three to 5 inches is likely to fall across a broad swath of western Kansas, said Mike Umscheid, a meteorologist with the Dodge City branch of the weather service.

“It’s almost a slam dunk – which is amazing to say, for how dry we’ve been,” Umscheid said. “All the signals are there for a really heavy rain.”

Wichita is 3.35 inches below normal for the year. Dodge City has logged little more than an inch of rain all year and is more than 2.5 inches below normal.

“This is going to be a very nice, widespread rain,” Umscheid said. “It will fill up a lot of playas and top off a lot of lakes.

“The timing of this is excellent for the wheat,” he said. “It’s really due for a drink. Let’s just hope some areas don’t get too much rain.”

No matter how dry an area may have been, a rainfall event of more than 3 inches will almost certainly prompt some flooding, Umscheid said.

The best chances for measurable rain in the Wichita area will come Saturday night, Sunday and Monday, forecasters say.

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