Wichita to start pickup of storm debris on Tuesday

City crews will begin picking up tree limbs Tuesday in the neighborhoods hit hardest by Wednesday's storm, officials said Friday.

Residents in the area bounded by 31st Street South, Meridian and the southern and eastern city limits should have the tree limbs at the curb no later than Monday night to avoid missing the pickup.

Crews will not make repeat trips after passing through a neighborhood, city officials said.

It isn't known when crews will be in a specific area, officials said, because it's unclear how long the cleanup will take.

"At this point, we don't know how big the job will be," said Chris Carrier, director of public works and utilities.

Tree limbs must be cut into 4-foot lengths and placed at the curb. Crews will not pick up roof or fence debris, patio furniture or other materials, and will not sort tree limbs from piles with construction debris.

Crews will not come onto private property to collect debris or take limbs longer than 4 feet.

Residents with substantial tree damage outside of the defined area should call 316-268-4013 if they need assistance from the city with tree debris.