Dodge City police: Man allegedly attacked Dillons employee with hammer

Dodge City police subdued a man who allegedly attacked a Dillons employee with a hammer Monday morning.

Officers responded to the parking lot of the Dillons at 9:10 a.m. Monday, after the Dillons employee called police and watched the suspect walk from Dillons to Family Dollar. When the man was walking back toward Dillons, an officer ordered the man to stop and take his hands out of his pockets, according to a news release from the Dodge City Police Department.

“The man continued to advance toward the officer. As the officer was backing up he drew his Taser and repeatedly ordered the man to stop. When he did not, the officer deployed the Taser, which was not effective. The officer pushed the alleged suspect to the ground, where he was taken into custody,” according to the release.

After Ford County Fire and EMS checked his condition, the suspect was booked into the Ford County Detention Center on a charge of aggravated battery of the Dillons employee and a separate case of theft from Family Dollar.

The Dillons employee received minor injuries in the attack, the release said.