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Today’s Trivia (Dec. 27)

Look around at many of Wichita’s oldest buildings and, chances are, “Millie” Hill had a hand in saving them.

Mildred Frances “Millie” Meredith was born in Wichita on June 25, 1931. She was a graduate of East High School and attended school at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She married James Hill in 1955; the couple divorced in 1976.

During the 1960s, Hill developed a career by saving as many historic buildings as she could, developing a formula to turn them into profitable ventures.

She founded Professional Management Services in 19968 and became one of the first Certified Property Managers in the nation. She served as a mentor for other people getting started in the business.

Many of the historic downtown buildings in Wichita exist because of her efforts to get the buildings listed on historic local, state and national registers. She helped renovate the Occidental Hotel, the oldest brick building in Wichita, which was constructed in 1874.

Other buildings she was involved in include the Farmers & Bankers Building, the Landmark Square and Board of Trade building.

Her company also managed properties in San Francisco, Tulsa and Montreal.

Question: What was the one Wichita building that Hill championed the longest and hardest for?

Beccy Tanner

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Answer to Monday’s question: The moose who wandered through Kansas during the summer and fall of 1989 was nicknamed “Moose of La Mancha” because he was reportedly spotted sparring with an ornamental windmill in a farmer’s front yard.

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