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Today’s Trivia (Dec. 26)

In 1989, a young bull moose made headlines across the state of Kansas.

Nicknamed “Morris the Moose” and “Moose of La Mancha,” the moose traversed much of western Kansas – from Nebraska to Oklahoma. into the Texas Panhandle and back again to Kansas.

The 7-foot tall moose was 7-feet tall and sported beautiful antlers.

He kept the Department of Wildlife and Parks busy that summer and fall while sightings of him were spotted around Webster Reservoir in Rooks County, Rush Center, Kinsley and Ashland.

Biologists believe the moose began his trek out of northern Minnesota through South Dakota and Nebraska before he was spotted in Kansas.

He was eventually caught by a veterinarian who treated him with antibiotics and hauled him into Colorado for release.

Question: Why was Morris nicknamed the “Moose of La Mancha.”

Beccy Tanner

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Answer to Sunday’s question: A great-granddaughter, Rochelle Danner, submitted enough evidence to the Kansas State Historical Society in 1983 to convince historians that the woman was indeed Ada McColl.

"This woman came into the historical society and said the cow chip lady was her great-grandmother," Nancy Sherbert, the society’s curator, told The Eagle in 2006.

"We said, ’sure,’ but then she brought all these photos and, sure enough, she’s the cow chip lady."

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