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Today’s Trivia

This Kansan grew up with big band sound.

He was born in Wichita, learned to play piano and soon became a leader in progressive jazz.

Some of his hits included "Eager Beaver"� and his albums included "Adventures in Jazz" and "West Side Story," which won a Grammy.

He was close friends with Duke Ellington and and County Basie.

Question: Who is this Kansan?

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Answer to Thursday’s question: Zebulon Pike would describe parts of western Kansas as the Great American Desert. “These vast plains of the Western Hemisphere may become in time as celebrated as the sandy deserts of Africa, for I saw in my route, various places, tracts of many leagues where the wind had thrown the sand in all the fanciful form of the ocean’s rolling wave, and on which not a speck of vegetable matter existed.”

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