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Today's trivia (August 24)

For decades, there was no better place to spend the hot summers of Kansas.

Sandy Beach was THE recreation hot spot

The business was the place for swim meets, Miss Kansas contests and Fourth of July celebrations.

With its first-class bathing beach and soft sand, it wasn’t hard for some teenage Wichitans to close their eyes and use their imagination to feel they were off the coast of the Pacific. It was always crowded and popular.

It opened in 1930 at 5800 S. Seneca. Besides the pool, it also had picnic areas, concession stands, a miniature golf course and a bowling alley.

Local celebrity Fred McConnell, for whom the Air Force base was named, often frequented the beach to work out on gymnastics equipment.

In the early 1970s, as more private pools and neighborhood pools were built in Wichita, Sandy Beach was closed.

Question: One of the thrills for longtime Wichitans was to see Harold “Buddy” Siegel make exhibition dives into the pool. What would he do during these dives?


Answer to Tuesday’s question: Nicodemus was declared a national historic park site in 1996 and now has fewer than 30 residents. The Nicodemus Historic Park Site now consists of five primary buildings:

* The First Baptist Church, built in 1880.

* The St. Francis Hotel, built in 1881, which also served as the site of the first post office.

* The Nicodemus School District No. 1 building. Built in 1918, it was the first district school building in Graham County.

* The African Methodist Episcopal Church, built in the mid-1880s.

* The Township Hall, built in 1939 as a Works Progress Administration project.

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