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Today's trivia (August 31)

A key feature of the Kansas flag is the state seal. The 34 stars in the constellation of the state seal signify that Kansas was the 34th state admitted to the union. A steamboat represents a time when boats traveled the Kansas River to deliver supplies to Manhattan and Fort Riley.

Other symbols include Indians hunting bison, teams of oxen and a pair of prairie schooners _ all suggesting the frontier. The plowed fields in front of a log cabin represent the state's agriculture.

When the flag was adopted by the state legislature, The Beacon ran a photograph of the banner.

The newspaper also reported that the first Kansas flag seen in Wichita was purchased by the Mueller Floral Co., then at 145 N. Main, and displayed in the store's window.

"It will not be long, however, until every boy and girl in the most remote parts of Kansas will be able to call it by name and will learn to revere it almost as much as they do 'Old Glory,' " The Beacon promised on Oct. 27, 1927.

On Jan. 27, 1974, The Wichita Eagle, following a suggestion by a Smithsonian expert on flag designs, asked readers if they liked the state flag and suggested changing it

Outraged readers, including Joyce Briard, then a Colby fourth-grader, said no way.

"I like the flag the way it is," Briard wrote.". . . So leave our flag alone."

Question: On the flag, the rolling hills identify terrain near what place?


Answer to Tuesday’s question: Since 1927, the flag has been altered only once. That was when the word "Kansas" was added in 1961 below the seal in gold, block lettering.

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