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Today's trivia (August 29)

Kansas was one of the last states to adopt a flag. A design from Hazel Avery was approved by the legislature in 1927. Wichitan Pearl Castello was a senior in high school when her aunt made the state's first flag in 1925.

"I know that it was a flag that she had appliqued and it was made for a Fourth of July in Lincoln," Castello recalled when interviewed by The Eagle in 1996.

"She ran a little dress shop in Lincoln and was quite a studious person. She liked Kansas history and that's how she came up with the symbols. Someone noticed how beautiful it was and they got in touch with the state legislature."

That first state flag was adopted in 1927 and is now part of the museum collections of the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka. The Topeka Capital reported in 1943 that it was made of blue cotton material and that the Young Women's Blue Cross, an organization formed during World War I, had planned to make the new flag of the finest silk. But the organization disbanded soon after Avery's flag was created and the silk version was never made.

Hazel Avery, who died during World War II, never received more recognition.

"She wasn't recognized at the time of her funeral for creating the flag, but she really was quite an industrious lady," Castello said.

Question: In what year did Hazel Avery make the state's first flag?


Answer to Sunday’s question: Forced sterilizations were phased out not just in Kansas but in the nation in large part because of the Menninger Foundation, a mental health research and treatment center in Topeka.

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