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Today's trivia (July 11)

Long before the abolitionists and pro-slavery advocates invaded Kansas, there were others whose hope was to change lives and spread their religion.

One was Jotham Meeker, who was sent to Kansas in 1833 by the Board of Baptist Missions as a printer and missionary to the Shawnee Indians. He brought with him the territory's first printing press.

He was 29 and had already served as a missionary in Michigan. He brought with him his wife, Eleanor, and a printing press that cost less than $500.

In Michigan, he had developed a system of using 23 letters to print native languages, which he planned to use to print religious materials and an Indian newspaper.

Over two decades, he and his wife printed more than 65 works in 10 Indian languages.

Meeker became a counselor, physician and advocate to Kansas Indians. Because the Meekers lived along the Santa Fe Trail in eastern Kansas, their home often served as a resting point for travelers.

Question: What was the first document ever published in Kansas?

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Answer to Sunday’s Question: In 1962, Jim Ryun enrolled at East High. During a school orientation session, Ryun decided to run cross-country.

He then began a routine of running five miles every morning, followed with weight-lifting, swimming and calisthenics.

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