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Today's trivia (July 8)

Thane Baker was 6 years old when he saw Glenn Cunningham, his Olympic hero, running in their mutual hometown, Elkhart.

And when Elkhart High School hung a picture of Cunningham on the walls, Baker is said to have drawn inspiration from that, as well.

Elkhart track legend Glenn Cunningham survived a horrible childhood accident that almost cost him his legs. He went on to compete in the 1932 and 1936 Olympics.

"You don't think a picture like that inspired me to run?" Baker told The Eagle in May 1976.

Baker became a four-time All-America sprinter at Kansas State University and won gold in the 400-yard relay in the 1956 Olympics. He set world records in eight dashes, from 60 to 300 yards, and is rated 16th among the 50 greatest sports figures of Kansas by CNN/Sports Illustrated.

Question: What building was named in honor of Baker?

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Answer to Thursday’s Question: On April 1, 1908, Bernhard Warkentin was shot and killed while he and his wife were traveling on a train between Turkey and Syria.

A Turkish prince, Mohamed Said, boarded the train following a hunting trip. He was drunk and was playing with his guns when he pointed one gun at a panel in his traveling compartment and discharged it. Warkentin was sitting on the other side and was shot in the back.

He died nearly 12 hours later.

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