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Today's trivia (July 7)

In the early 1870s, Bernhard Warkentin wanted to mill wheat and he built his first water mill on the banks of the Little Arkansas River in Harvey County. He encouraged his fellow Mennonites to bring hard Turkey Red winter wheat as they moved to Kansas.

They settled in communities such as Goessel, Inman, Buhler and Moundridge. Along with the Mennonites' success came Warkentin's success.

He expanded and improved his mills and moved them closer to the railroads. Wheat flourished on the plains.

Warkentin ran a mill in Halstead, a bigger mill in Newton and one in Blackwell, Okla.

He became, in essence, the king of wheat in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Question: On April 1, 1908, Warkentin was killed while riding a train. How was he killed?

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Answer to Wednesday’s Question: In 1947, Lyle Yost founded Hesston Manufacturing Co. which specialized in farm equipment, including self-propelled windrowers and later, the one-man StakHand system for putting up hay.

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