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Today's trivia (July 5)

Considered one of the greatest carmakers of the 20th century, Walter Chrysler got his start in Kansas.

Born April 2, 1875, in Wamego and raised in Ellis, Chrysler early on developed a fascination with mechanical things. His father was a locomotive engineer. One of Chrysler's first paying jobs was working for the Union Pacific Railroad in Ellis. He was paid five cents an hour.

Chrysler left Ellis at age 22 but for the rest of his life would return periodically to his boyhood home at 10th and Washington. Although no known members of the Chrysler family remain in Kansas, his parents, Henry and Anna Chrysler, are buried in Salina.

After Walter Chrysler left Ellis, his mechanical interest in locomotives led him to automobiles, which, in turn, led to Detroit.

In 1916, he became president of Buick Motor Co. and increased the company's production from 45 to 600 cars a day.

In 1920, Chrysler became involved in a policy disagreement with the head of General Motors and resigned. He then became manager of Maxwell Motor Corp. and in 1924 introduced a new car that he designed and named the Chrysler.

Question: In 1924, when Walter Chrysler introduced the Chrysler car, the Maxwell Motor Corp. had been $5 million in debt, it soon began to show a profit. By how much?

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Answer to Monday’s Question: David Atchison’s presidential library is in his namesake town, Atchison.

The town claims it is the nation's smallest presidential library. The David R. Atchison Presidential Library is housed in the Atchison County Historical Society Museum in the city's restored Santa Fe Depot. It consists of a portrait of Atchison and a Colt pistol he carried. Check back at Kansas.com Wednesday for the answer to today’s question.