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Today's trivia (June 29)

Omar Knedlik discovered one of America's best-liked drinks by accident.

During the late 1950s, when the soda fountain in his Coffeyville Dairy Queen broke down, Knedlik hastily put bottles of Coca—Cola into a freezer, knowing it would quickly cool them down.

Opening them later, some of the contents had turned to slush, and he discovered that many of his customers preferred the icy colas over the fountain sodas.

Knedlik began tinkering, hoping to produce the icy concoction on demand.

Using an old ice cream machine, Knedlik developed a working model of the first ICEE machine. Knedlik's machine froze the drink as it was poured into a cup.

He and his business partner, Dean Speery, began advertising their new invention as "The Coldest Drink in Town."

They also contracted with the John E. Mitchell Co. in Dallas to manufacture and sell ICEE machines.

According to "Coffeyville's Legacy," a history published by the Coffeyville Journal, Knedlik at first wanted to name the new drink "Fizz."

But since Kellogg — one of the nation's major food conglomerates — had the "Fizzy" drink, ICEE became the best alternative name.

Question: In 1967, what national convenience store chain began selling ICEEs, naming it something else entirely?

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