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Today’s Trivia (May 27)

Throughout his life, Henry Roe Cloud struggled to excel and rise above the expectations of two powerful cultures.

By doing so, the Wichitan became one of the most powerful American Indians of the 20th century.

At a time when federal government was pushing American Indians away from their culture and heritage, Roe Cloud championed Indian rights.

Roe Cloud was born Wa-Na-Xi-Lay Hunkah on the Nebraska Winnebago Reservation on Dec. 28, 1884. He was adopted by Christian missionaries Walter and Mary Roe, who stressed the importance of education.

Roe Cloud spoke his tribal language as a first language and soon became fluent in English, Latin and Greek.

In 1906, he became the first American Indian to attend Yale University. He received his master's degree in anthropology from Yale, a divinity degree from Auburn Theological Seminary, and a doctorate of divinity from Emporia College.

At Yale, he became an outspoken opponent of the federal government's policy of training Indians in vocations instead of allowing them to pursue a broader education.

Roe Cloud chaired a delegation of tribal leaders who met with President William Howard Taft in 1912. In 1913 he served on a federal commission on Indian education.

One of Roe Cloud's first efforts at national reform began in Wichita in 1915.

Question: What did Henry Roe Cloud do?

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