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Today’s Trivia (May 25)

If you pay attention to what you eat and how bright your teeth are, chances are it's because of Elmer Verner McCollum.

Nearly nine decades ago, the Fort Scott native discovered vitamins A and B and then worked with other biochemists to discover Vitamin D.

In 1951, Time magazine reported that McCollum "has done more than any other man to put vitamins back in the nation's bread and milk, to put fruit on American breakfast tables and fresh vegetables and salad greens in the daily diet."

McCollum was born March 3, 1879, on a farm near Fort Scott and attended a one-room school.

According to the June 1979 University of Kansas Alumni Magazine, McCollum suffered from a form of rickets as a boy, which may have inspired some of his lifelong interests.

It wasn't until 1893 that he began to see career possibilities outside of farming. His mother took McCollum and his brother to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Question: Elmer Verner McCollum became one of the first scientists to use what in his research?

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Answer to Tuesday’s question: Because Sgt. Jack Puckett’s remains came to the Army with no identification tag, they were placed in a box and stored in an evidence locker at the Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii. Part of the reason it took so long to identify his remains was that DNA technology was still in its infancy. Another was that remains of MIA soldiers from later U.S. wars had higher priority.

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