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Today’s Trivia (May 18)

When the aircraft industry was just starting to take off, Kansas brothers Tom and Paul Braniff created a passenger air service that soon became one of the largest in the nation.

Braniff Airlines, founded in 1928 by the Braniffs and investors in Oklahoma, began as a shuttle service between some of the nation's largest oil fields.

Paul Braniff, born in Kansas City, Mo., was a World War I pilot. Although Paul learned to fly in World War I, he officially received his license in 1923 from Orville Wright.

Tom Braniff, Paul's older brother, was born in Salina and became the company's president.

To start, the Oklahoma City-based carrier flew routes between Tulsa and Ponca City and between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Fare from Ponca City to Tulsa was $10, one way.

In the 1930s, Braniff had a reputation as one of the nation's fastest airlines, and it built a system of national and international routes. It also had a mail contract with the federal government.

In 1935, Tom Braniff placed orders for several Lockheed Electra passenger planes for service between Chicago and Brownsville, Texas, with a stop in a Kansas town.

Tom Braniff died in a plane crash in 1954 near Shreveport, La. His brother, Paul, also died in 1954, from bone cancer.

The Braniff Co. went bankrupt in 1982 and struggled for a decade before flying its last flight in 1992.

Question: On April 2, 1954, a twin-engine Braniff Airways plane with 42 passengers from Dallas and Oklahoma City and was the first passenger transport to land at what Kansas town?

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Answer to Tuesday’s question: The girl born Vivian Roberta Jones in Cherryvale, also known as Vivian Vance, expressed interest in acting early on. In Independence, she became acquainted with the soon-to- be-Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright William Inge.

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