Kansas 105

Today's Trivia (May 12)

Depressed over his father's death in 1880, a young Frederic Remington soon lost interest in the tedious routine of art studies at Yale University.

A Kansan at Yale told him to go west.

Remington did.

His destination was Butler County, where he bought 160 acres of land to raise sheep. His ranch was 7� miles northeast of Whitewater on Northwest 130th Street and Tawakoni Road.

During 1883 and early 1884, Remington, 22, found himself on the Kansas plains, sketching and painting the characters and life he came to love.

During his first year in Kansas, Remington discovered that he hated the smell of sheep and stayed in a hotel in Peabody. He relied on his hired hands to do the real work on the ranch.

While the ranch hands labored, Remington bought a horse, named it Terra-Cotta and wrote in one of his journals, "To gallop across the prairie is glorious."

His neighbors called him Fred.

Remington left Butler County by spring of 1884. He briefly ran a Kansas City saloon and then returned to New York, where he began selling his sketches of the Old West.

Question: What well-known pieces of Remington's artwork are said to have been created based on his experiences in Kansas?

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