Kansas 105

Today's Trivia (May 11)

From the time the Kansas state Capitol dome in Topeka was completed in 1903 until it was closed to the public in August 1969, climbing the stairway was a rite of passage for the most daring of Kansans.

In January, 2006 it was once-again reopened to the public to climb.

If you climb the Capitol dome steps, on those metal steps, where there's nothing between the railing and rotunda floor below - and if your lungs and your legs don't give out, you will take in the highest point in Topeka.

On a good day, you can see 10 to 12 miles.

At each point along the dome climb, you can note the elaborate architecture within the Capitol, learn tidbits of Capitol history and help provide support for other crazy tourists like you who enjoy taking in the dizzying heights.

Question: How many steps must you climb to reach the top of the Capitol dome?

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Answer to Tuesday's question: Peggy Hull was America's first female war correspondent.

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