Kansas 105

1891-1899 Timeline


Oct. 5 — Notorious outlaws Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton have their bank-robbing days abruptly ended in a bloody shootout on the dusty streets of Coffeyville.


After Lorenzo Lewelling is inaugurated as the state's 12th governor, angry words and fists fly in the Kansas House of Representatives in a showdown between Republicans and the Populists. To establish order, Lewelling — a Populist from Wichita — calls in 250 militiamen from across the state, and a battery of Gatling guns. No shots are fired, but the incident becomes known as Lewelling's War.

Dec. 26 — Emporia Normal College bans football, saying the game distracts from study, is brutal and is often accompanied by profanity.


Oct. 26 — Rural Free Delivery service begins in Kansas, delivering packages, letters, telephone and telegraph messages.

Aug. 15 — William Allen White, the editor of the Emporia Gazette, publishes "What's The Matter With Kansas?" White, editor of the Emporia Gazette will twice win the Pulitzer Prize, journalism's highest honor.


July 24 — Amelia Earhart is born in Atchison.

Rev. Charles Sheldon of Topeka publishes the book "In His Steps," asking the question "What Would Jesus Do," a phrase that is still popular and seen on bracelets, key chains and bumper stickers more than a century later.

In the town of Enterprise, near Abilene, believers in the Baha'i begin worshipping in Barbara Ehrsam's home parlor.


William "Buffalo Bill" Mathewson kills the last buffalo around Wichita — a one-ton bull in a pen in the Union Stock Yards.

At age 26, Cleyson Brown of Abilene starts a utility company that eventually evolves into Sprint, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.

James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball in 1891, becomes first basketball coach at University of Kansas. His annual salary is $1,300. Naismith continues to coach at KU until 1907, when he is replaced by F.C. "Phog" Allen.


March 17 — The town of Harper reports that within a 24-hour period there is a tornado, a serene sunset, lightning, rain, ice, sleet and snow.

Feb. 4 — Col. Frederick Funston, of Iola, and the Twentieth Kansas Infantry are engaged in battle in the Philippines. Funston receives a Medal of Honor award for his actions during the Philippine-American War.

Charles Menninger opens medical practice in Topeka.

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