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Today’s Trivia (March 12)

They were known as the "Antis."

In many communities throughout the Old West, they were the good guys — the most respected men in town.

In Kansas, there was a need for the Antis, particularly at the end of the Civil War when gangs of outlaws roamed from town to town, with few law officers able to stop them.

Although Missouri lays claim to organizing the first Anti meeting as early as 1854, the community of Fort Scott is also credited with organizing an early meeting, in 1859.

In 1906, the national association promised: "If a thief is going in a certain direction the telegraph or telephone wires are used to notify the Antis ahead and they are put on the lookout for the thief and take him in charge when he arrives."

All members vowed to obey all laws of the land.

Businessmen, bankers, store owners and farmers joined.

To qualify for membership, a man had to be 21 with no criminal record.

No women were allowed to join or attend meetings. If a woman was a widow and property owner, she could apply and pay dues to have her property protected.

By the 1930s, the association noted that thieves were stealing fewer horses and other stock as American society switched over to automobiles.

Question: What was the group’s real name?

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Answer to Friday’s question: Joyland Amusement Park.

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