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Today's Trivia (Feb. 16)

Six brothers from Abilene became powerhouses in the 20th century:

Arthur, the first-born, left home at 18, went to Kansas City, became director of several companies and eventually was vice chairman of the board for Commerce Trust Co. He specialized in agricultural loans.

The next son, Edgar, graduated in 1914 from the University of Michigan Law School. He practiced law in Tacoma, Wash., until 1971. He was the director of several companies and specialized in corporate and business law.

The third son, Dwight, became a five-star general and supreme commander of the Allied forces during World War II, and the 34th president of the United States, from 1953 to 1961.

Roy, the fourth son, owned a pharmacy in Junction City and was a member of various civic organizations.

Earl, next-to-the-youngest, was an electrical engineering graduate of the University of Washington at Tacoma. He was an engineer with West Bend Power Co. for 26 years and owned an interest in a weekly newspaper and radio station in Pennsylvania. He was a public relations representative for Life Printing and Publishing Co. in La Grange Park, Ill.

Milton, the youngest, was director of information for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and, during World War II, director of the War Relocation Authority and associate director of the Office of War Information.

After the war, Milton served as president of Kansas State University, Pennsylvania State University and Johns Hopkins University.

Question: What was this family’s last name?

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