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Today’s Trivia (Feb. 14)

From Wichita to Great Bend, Garden City to Oberlin, almost any baby boomer who grew up in Kansas worshipped the airwaves that beamed Major Astro.

In the early 1960s when the nation’s attention was focused on outer space and astronauts, Tom Leahy Jr. created Major Astro, an astronaut in a shimmery silver jumpsuit with a deep baritone voice.

The afternoon show first ran from 1962 to 1973 on KARD, now KSN. Leahy reprised the character for a short time in 1985 for KSAS.

Question: What saying caused thousands of baby boomer Kansas children to rush home each night after school and turn their black-and-white television sets just so they could hear Tom Leahy Jr. say as Major Astro?

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Answer to Sunday’s question: Norman Foster Ramsey went to high school in the 1920s at Fort Leavenworth when his father was stationed at the fort.

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