Kids receive reassurance on BTK

The Wichita school district wants students to know they are safe in school, and that the police hope they will be able to catch the Wichita serial killer who recently resurfaced.

That's part of the advice the district sent to all staff Monday to help teachers deal with questions students may have about the killer known as BTK. The name stands for a description of the attacker's crimes — bind, torture and kill — in a series of slayings aimed mostly at women during the 1970s and '80s.

Teachers were advised to answer students' concerns without dwelling on the subject or discussing gory details, and to review with students how to handle encounters with strangers to avoid danger.

"The healthiest thing for kids is to have an environment they can count on being safe," said Paul Schulte, an assistant principal at East High.

Schulte and administrators at Southeast High School and Seltzer and Peterson elementary schools said they haven't fielded many questions in the first two days back since spring break.

Seltzer principal David Lamp said his students seem more interested in the prospect of turning him into a giant ice cream sundae next week — their reward for completing state tests — than in the news.

"The kids seem to be as wrapped up in what we're doing as we are," Lamp said.