BTK investigators honored by lawmakers

More than 120 lawmakers today gave a standing ovation to detectives, forensic specialists and beat officers who helped track down BTK serial killer Dennis Rader.

About 20 police officials from Wichita, the Kansas Bureau of Investigations and the FBI stood in front of the House speaker's podium as Rep. Brenda Landwehr praised their work.

The law officers received certificates honoring their investigation and eventual capture of Rader.

Landwehr then introduced the family of her brother-in-law, Lt. Ken Landwehr, who were seated in the balcony overlooking the House chamber.

Asked to speak, Lt. Landwehr came to the podium and thanked lawmakers and deflected the praise to the less well-known people behind him.

"Everybody behind me and the families up there are the ones that did all the work," he said. "Trust me.

"Basically, I worked on it for 20 years and the people around here only had it for 11 months and they found this killer. So they're a lot sharper than I ever thought of being," he said. "But we all thank you very much."