Kansas City Star corrects Rader minister story

The Kansas City Star, in a story that appeared for a time Monday on The Eagle's Web site, incorrectly reported Monday that Wichita Pastor Michael G. Clark had asked Sedgwick County's sheriff or state officials for permission to perform an exorcism on BTK killer Dennis Rader.

Clark spoke Sunday to an Overland Park church congregation about his opinion that Rader was possessed partially by a demon, and that one way to deal with that is through exorcism. However, the minister said Monday that his discussions with the sheriff were not about exorcism but about whether he could bring communion to Rader.

The confusion arose during a question-and-answer period of the two-hour program at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. While an audience member's question pertained to exorcism, Clark's answer was more narrowly focused on his inability to bring Rader communion.

Clark said Monday he had not pursued the exorcism matter. He said that because he did not have the necessary training or background, he was not qualified to perform exorcisms.

Rader murdered 10 victims in the Wichita area between 1974 and 1991. He is serving 10 consecutive life terms. He called himself BTK for his preferred method to "bind, torture and kill."