Rader's court admission heats up Eagle's discussion board

The Eagle's BTK discussion board has been hopping this week as readers discuss Dennis Rader's guilty plea and offer their opinions.

People posting on the board at have discussed everything from Rader's demeanor in court Monday to their theories that there may be more victims.

Police monitored BTK bulletin boards during their investigation.

On Tuesday, many participants focused on lingering questions, such as why Rader stopped killing, and these:

  • Will we ever know if he really had a connection with that folklore professor?
  • Will we ever know why he taunted the police with a Barbie doll and puzzles? Was he hoping to be caught, or was he trying to prove he was smarter than them?
  • Why did he made the 911 call after killing Nancy Fox?
  • Why did he decide to admit to killing Vicki Wegerle after 18 years?
  • What was in the packages police collected last year?

Here are a few of the comments posted Monday:

  • "Listening to Rader describe his modus operandi (troll, identify and stalk) confirms my original thoughts that BTK killed more than 10 victims. There is a seven-year gap between 1979 and 1986 and a (14-year) gap between 1991 and 2005. Just doesn't add up."
  • "Have to wonder if he killed others after 1991 but has not admitted to them as to avoid the death penalty."
  • "He looked like a chicken when he was going 'bok bok bok' trying to remember his actions in the Davis murder."
  • "OMG! He said he decided to 'put them down' like a dog. This is terrible. He is talking as if he is telling his wife about his day at work. The 'whole family went manic on me, so I had to work pretty quick.' This is awful.... So sad."
  • "I cannot quit crying."
  • "I don't think I've ever actually hated anyone in my life. But Dear God, I hate Dennis Rader." Another poster responded with: "I hate what Dennis Rader did, not Dennis Rader." The original poster then said: "Sorry. I'm just not there yet. I hate Dennis Rader."
  • "I can't believe how he is describing each incident in such a matter-of-fact way. He's showing no emotion at all, almost like he doesn't think he did anything wrong. It's so bizarre."
  • "God bless the victims and their families. No one should have to go through this. I am only a witness to this and it hurts me to hear it."
  • "The testimony that he gave was totally chilling, his lack of emotion was nauseating. He spoke of murdering these people like it was a mundane occurrence... like swatting a fly. I could not believe he was instructing the judge on the methods of serial killers... that he actually used the term 'serial killer' in court."
  • "Yes, he seemed to be loving it. After all, he has waited a very long time to tell the world of his cunning, evil serial killer life. I can not imagine how the victims' family members felt about hearing the gruesome details coming from the mouth of that monster."