Lawyer says BTK suspect does not have cancer

A story in the National Enquirer tabloid claiming that BTK suspect Dennis Rader has terminal colon cancer and is refusing treatment is being dismissed by the head of his defense team and his pastor. The story is in the May 2 issue, which hit newsstands Friday.

Rader is accused of 10 counts of first-degree murder linked to the serial killer.

Chief public defender Steve Osburn told The Eagle that he had not asked his client specifically about the Enquirer's story. But he said that Rader, 60, appears to be in good health, has not mentioned any health problems, and has not needed any medical care while in the Sedgwick County Jail.

Likewise, the Rev. Michael Clark, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church who visits Rader frequently in jail, said he had no reason to believe Rader was ill.