Park parcel may be from BTK

A package found in a Wichita park may be from BTK, Wichita police said in a statement released Tuesday.

Police said they submitted to the FBI a "package of items that could be connected to the BTK investigation."

A Wichita resident found the package, police said, and contacted a local television station, which then called police.

Police did not describe the package but said they had possession of it early Tuesday morning.

In its evening news reports, KAKE, Channel 10, said it was the station that the resident contacted.

KAKE's report said the package was found Monday night or Tuesday morning by a man who noticed a white plastic bag in Murdock Park. The tiny park is along Murdock between Kansas and Minnesota avenues, just east of I-135 and south of Ninth Street.

The man told KAKE that he noticed the package under a tree as he was walking to his brother's house and decided to pick it up on the way back.

Inside the white plastic bag, which KAKE showed on the air, was a resealable bag containing a group of items.

Although KAKE said it agreed not to reveal some of the objects found in the package, it did show a driver's license that bore the name and photo of Nancy Fox, one of BTK's victims.

Fox was bound and strangled in her South Pershing home in December 1977.

She was the last confirmed BTK victim until this year, when a letter sent to The Eagle in March prompted police to identify Vicki Wegerle as the eighth known victim. That letter included photocopies of Wegerle's missing driver's license and of three photographs that BTK apparently took. Wegerle was killed in 1986.

The letter broke nearly 25 years of silence from BTK.

Also in the package discovered this week, KAKE said, was a list of chapters from "The BTK Story," a list that was part of a letter KAKE received in May. In the package's list, chapters one, two and eight were left blank.

The FBI has confirmed that the KAKE letter and a letter to police over the summer are from BTK. Two more recent letters are still being authenticated.

In the statement, police said they have received close to 5,000 tips from the public since BTK's communication with The Eagle in March.