City warns BTK souvenir hunters

Park City intends to prosecute anyone caught trying to steal or sell pieces of the house once owned by BTK serial killer Dennis Rader, Park City Mayor Dee Stuart said Thursday.

Park City recently purchased the home at 6222 Independence, where Rader and his family lived for 25 years, and officials plan to tear it down soon, Stuart said.

The city will not announce when demolition will begin, she said: "This is not meant to be a spectacle."

Some debris will be buried at an undisclosed landfill; some will be burned at sites approved by the Sedgwick County Fire Department.

She warned that anyone caught trespassing or trying to take or sell pieces of the home will be prosecuted "with glee."

The city wants to create a new entryway to Jardine Memorial Park, which has trees, swings, a half basketball court and a small parking lot.

The city bought the house from Rader's ex-wife for a little less than $60,000. The sale was finalized during the first week of January.